Count untill new NPC comes out!

There is no point in counting anymore, GI came out

But i want to count

Count here:

Yeah, this thread is officially closed! @Azzerzxy

Really? I thought it was still there

Let me check

Edit: It’s still there

welp uhhhh sorry azzer



Can’t wait for Block Drop

2 same and bridge

Your not supposed to restart the count.

There were new NPCs that came out on December, (Elf NPCs, Quest NPCs, Train, Snow Wars NPC)


Do they count tho? They’re not really new, they just come back every year


That wasent an npc lol.

That doesn’t make any sense at all. This count is for an NPC for a game, but not just that, they already placed the npc with ‘coming soon’. If you want to count till Arcade then create a new post.

From my understanding of this Forum Games, Non Game NPCs are allowed

If you read the last messages, those were posted when the ‘Coming Soon’ NPC was still there. No one counted for any other NPC (especially since counting for unannounced or past released NPCs just doesn’t make any sense at all). So no, this is not about other NPCs.

Why was this not closed

I don’t want to be responsible for making a postfarmer havan


or any mod please close it

Closed upon request