Costume Perks on your swarms hub


You could get perks from costumes on your swarm hub. Like if you have the Sky Fighter costume you could fly(since you need to be max lvl on sky), Fish you could swim, Duck walk on water, etc.

Seems like an interesting idea. Remember to vote for your own suggestion to show support!

I dunno about this, could mess up the anti-cheat. Maybe if you have the costume, you get slow falling? Or jump boost?

You can swim in water anyways, don’t see the point of this :sweat_smile:

I have an idea- If you have the anime girl or boy costume, you get night vision. Because everyone knows anime people = flashy and bright

i meant the aquatic update swiming

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I didn’t understand, can you elaborate on that? Ty

on the hive you cant swim like in a normal survival world

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i think its pretty clear.

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but thats doesnt work, u cant change how u swim. but i get that it was an example, and not an actual idea.

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It wouldnt mess up anti cheat cause mods can fly and whatever they do to make hive is magic.

I like the concept, but i dont think id like this to happen. It seems like it sould be unfair to the people who dont have costumes in a swarm, and the ones who do. Like, i have the Golden Dragon Costume. I would assume that would give me the ability to fly. But, my friend only has Hip Hop. They would be missing out on an ability locked behind a paywall.

because they’re moderators the have access to creative and can therefore fly

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