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The idea of having helmets and particles are good but what’s the fun in having them if you can’t show them off to the other players?
I think that your cosmetics items which you gain should be applied to your characters in the lobby and throughout the voting phase too.
It would also be cool if the team could add some more cosmetics such as:

  • Jackets
  • Boots
  • Pants
  • Other headwear
    I’m kind of almost max level and want to be earning more of the cool rewards for leveling up!
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Despite the fact that these would be tied to in-game unlocks that are free, I wouldn’t particularly be a big fan of this because seeing someone flaunt off all their cosmetics in a blantant fashion can be a bit discouraging and seems a bit annoying. If you understand what I mean!

I understand what you mean but for me personally I like to know that I’m playing to earn something. I’m the type of person who loves to collect cosmetics that not many people own and that to me gives me a good feeling. Not always to show off but it’s something that means/value for them.

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I mean, your cape’s shown in the dr lobby, so I don’t see the issue with this


My point did kinda come off weird, but I am fine with cosmetics, but having a whole suit might be obnoxious. Like how lifeboat has defaulted all vip players to having rainbow chat, which I (and others I reckon) think of as a power play maneuver to make vip chat very noticeable and obnoxious, the hive doesn’t have an issue with this, and isn’t trending this way,

So tldr is that more cosmetics is ok, but don’t make it so they are overbearing and shoved in your face