Controller PvP

I love the hive but I have one small problem I am garbage at PvP I play on controller :video_game: I would love some tips on controller PvP

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this is a really good video by a really good player called owhyumad: How To Combo On Controller! (Hive Sumo) - YouTube

first of all, pick your settings.
they don’t need to be super weird and abstract like some people’s, or default. do whatever you think is comfortable and what will help you.
i’d suggest you use 100 sensitivity, since that’s what all the best players use (except a few). but if you’re still beginning maybe use 90-95 cause it’s harder to aim on 100.
fov is preferential.

cause you’re on controller you have 360 movement, so you can use that to you advantage in strafing and such, but focus on your aim before you try strafing lots.

watching some really good players will help too. whyumad, zSpikey, Acrozion, DeZiKontrolZ, zSanzen, FreshThePig, Alexis, EJUKAD, etc.

also just play against good players lol.
fighting players worse than you won’t get you anywhere, you won’t learn anything. imo you learn more from getting rolled than you do from rolling someone


Lol I play on 84 sensitivity and I still roll people 100 sensitivity could be too crazy

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like who? it’s hard to roll a competent player with that sens (because they know what strafing is). it’s not impossible but you can’t do it consistently. i used to use 82 but that wasn’t nearly as effective as 100.

takes like 2-5 days to get used to lol

U might be right bc for me 84 sens is a little bit slow
I will try practicing pvp with 100 sensitivity and see if it’s good

I literally use like 80-90 sens and used 60 sens for a long time

His guide is decent just it’s all personal preference on what sens fov controller layout, even type of controller. I literally only buy one controller cause it’s the only one I like. Plus I literally have default like everything settings wise and I’m pretty good

Strafing is really important to win tbh, but make sure you still have a least a little bit of aim to hit the guy, you don’t have to connect everytime, I count my hits to see how far ahead or behind I am in damage done and guess how many hearts they have and if I will win or lose based on armor, and make my decision whether I will continue the fight or run. It’s not a 100 percent accurate, but it’s pretty good

The biggest thing is being consistent. If you can consistently connect with your hits and combo decently and beat players even if you are out geared, you will be one of the best controller players. I can combo strafe clutch and all the works, but I can’t seem to be very consistent, hence all my garbage win rates.

Anyways that it u don’t have to listen to this word for word it’s more of a suggestion of what to do

80 sensitivity is comfortable for me, but I respect your choice.

Thx everyone for the help :relaxed:

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Also any tips for what texture pack should I use

I tried the sensetivity I still am getting destroyed I’m so trash I’m hopeless :sob:

Use ruf textures it’s good and cheap but I recommend slime on marketplace best pack but expensive over 1000 minecoins

90 sens is fine, so is 80. Alexis used something like 82 and he was cracked.
but 60? yeah that’s just nearly unplayable. glad you switched lol

@Pro_gamer_4o9 use whatever texture pack you want lol, check the Discuss Texture Packs/Clients topic

and keep practicing
you said you aren’t good so just switching your settings isn’t gonna turn you into Acro ykwim. keep practicing for a while.

Ok I’ll try

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