Consequences in just build

I believe some people abuse the power to vote in just build to purposely lower the score of people who deserve better, so my idea is to limit this abuse by enforcing some consequences for voting meh to often.

One possible solution to this is by subtracting 1 or 2 points after the first 3 meh votes, meaning there would be no consequence for the first 3 mehs in a row in a single game, but anything after that will enforce these consequences.

More info:
Open to suggestions, this is just an idea I had so it hasn’t really been fully constructed, so please post suggestions to make this better

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Add a Meh limit


Also add a Love Limit

Only issue with this is that sometimes the builds are just terrible.


Maybe a Limit to everything

Make peoples votes more thought out

yes, i realized this after, because there could easily be 3 bad builds in a row, and this is why i left it open for suggestions, this was just some guildlines i made that people can build or remove off from

I’d honestly like how my build has turned out and when it’s time to vote I get like 8 to 9 mehs, the build that wins would be 70% inappropriate or 30 % just bad which Hive needs to somehow make it so people avoid false meh voting and this could be a good start.

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Yes! I play just build with my friends A lot and when we play there are so many people that build inappropriately or just have one diamond block placed on the floor and get 8 goods! I agree with you

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Although I do wonder why people would risk getting their entire accounts banned for a build in just build