Concrete for block party

I know it’s not out yet but using concrete instead of terracotta like on java would make life so much easier because it’s sometimes difficult to tell the difference between the terracotta blocks

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Bruh lol


make a texture pack that will change terracota to concrete lol

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We aren’t even sure if block party is coming to bedrock

Unless it is then ignore this

It is coming with mixed arcade

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How do u know that tho

Do u have an article

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look at the roadmap

blockparty was removed from considering as it’s included in mixed arcade


Ohhhh ok

also concrete is more vibrant than terracotta so i’m voting for this suggestion

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Trello Also here’s an image


Thank you tallscissors for being my first vote

I think it’d be more challenging with terracotta

Colorblind people: surprised pikachu face.

I’ve tried the java version once and it’s REALLY hard to discern between some colors, I don’t think it’s really a fair challenge, even though I have good vision.

But I do believe it’s probably in their plans to use concrete, but just in case, I’ll vote.