Command to give another player your Hive+ rank

It would be nice if there is a command with that you can give your Hive+ rank to another Player.

Max has Hive+ and his friend Hans has no rank, but Max don’t play often on Hive, but Hans play often, so Max can do (the command with Hans playername) and then has Max just the Regular rank and Hans has Hive+

That would be kinda broken and could be exploited easily. 2 people could switch it back and forth to level up faster, so the one person can save 10 bucks.


Maybe you can only send it to the same person once. I still don’t really agree with the idea because of what @cupcsr said, but this could be cool I guess. I don’t think there is really a need though.


Hive never did rank transfers, not on the Java Edition nor on Bedrock.

Besides the fact that it could be abused, Hive is a business, and like any business there is, Hive needs funds to keep on running. Transfering ranks would result in some people not buying ranks anymore which would lead to financial losses.