Classic gamemode Skywars

I know that this has been talked about before, but the Hive’s Skywars as it stands is boring and luck based. I love Skywars, it’s one of my favorite mini games in all of Minecraft. But Hive doesn’t give Skywars all it deserves. My idea as well as many others who agree with me is that I don’t like lucky block Skywars, but I know that some people do enjoy it. So what Hive should do is keep the lucky block mode for those who like it, but make a new classic game mode for those who’d like it better.

My thoughts in conpairing it to other servers are that the bedrock server that has the best Skywars is Cube Craft. Cube Craft does it well. Because it’s balenced and you can quickly shift click the items to your inventory instead of having to mine to get items. Whenever I have played Cube Craft Skywars the final kills are all pvp skill based. But in Hive the winners are all determined by if they have full diamond or not. All luck. In Cube Craft there is more strategy, but in Hive it’s just they have better stuff then me because of their luck from the start so they will win.

I never play Hive Skywars anymore just because it’s not fun to me, this is just my opinion. It’s just boring with the ores that I just don’t like it.

For all of those who’d like a new classic Skywars mode in the Hive please up-vote this post, hopefully a Hive admin will hear us out and consider our request. And if you have any ideas or suggestions to make the post more thought out, and balenced please reply. But if you are just going to be mean about it saying that Skywars is good the way it is and it doesn’t need another mode, then please just don’t say anything at all. I respect you wanting your lucky block Skywars as long as you will respect me and others wanting classic Skywars.

dont know bout this, ill give this to the others ig
@LaggyBoiShay @anon44117328

What do you mean the others???

don’t worry they’re just being annoying
anyway if cubecraft does it well anyway, just… play cubecraft?
they’re not gonna want to have the exact same game as another server
lucky blocks is their own twist on it to be original

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thats why I didn’t chose to speak @BoredZzs

bruh i meant that i have no comment on this suggestion so ill let the others comment on this suggestion

sad. this is a dupe of this

and, if u think cubecraft sw is better, then … play cubecraft

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We refuse people who says hive skywars is boring into our community lol

I’m just saying it could be better to some people.

Closing this thread as it is a duplicate suggestion :slight_smile: