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In game chat channel

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Make a channel that records the in-game chat and puts it in the discord, it could bring the discord closer to the server itself. This could be used in a few ways, one might be as a chat log for moderators, another might be if discord members can type in the chat and it gets put in to the real server itself. I don’t know how you could do this (because I am not a professional at programming) but a obvious problem would be the fact there are many mini-servers to split players into groups not only regions but also normal. I hope you consider the idea, and thank you,


this seems wayyyyy too complicated

also if it would connect with minecraft game chat and discord chat i think the hive would need to work out how to do that with both companies which would be hard to do, if it was possible


It’s possible because I’ve seen a different server do it. But if it is added or already is, they wouldn’t tell you because it would be staff info.

Well in the hive there are multiple different lobbies (skywars, deathrun, arcade etc), even the main hub has alot of different servers (e.g hub 1, hub2). If the hive was somehow able to get all the chat from all the lobbies and put it together, the discord would have more than 100 messages per second in that server. I also don’t know if you mean people in the game can also see the messages from people in discord but if you meant that that not be possible at all since there’s multiple servers.