Chat ban (I think)

I think I’ve been muted on Hive, I can chat on other servers but no-one can see what I’ve typed
Username is LukeyWoolf

Hello :smile:

We advice you to follow this link :

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Hi, I’ve tried that, they’ve said no suspension or anything

Hey. Sadly you’ll need to wait out the chat ban. I’ve had it happen to me before and contacted Microsoft. They just lie. So sadly its a wait and play game with shadow mutes.

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Ah thanks, how long did it take you?

(i hate microsoft sometimes) idk how long

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From what I know, simply waiting it out doesn’t appear to help at all. If others cannot see your chat, this is most likely a communications suspension that The Hive has little control over. My best advice is to continue sending messages through the chat as usual and eventually people will start seeing it again. As long as you don’t say anything offensive or inappropriate during the duration of the mute, the likelihood of your chat appearing for others will increase with each message you send. I hope this helps :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks, I’ll keep trying that eventually it should be sorted

There isn’t really a time. Chating more doesnt even help it. It can make it worst in some cases. My friend was shadow muted from day 1 for a longg time. I never say offensive stuff but still got muted. Microsoft’s word of choice is purely dumb.

Some players have found that spamming letters resolves the issue in a matter of seconds. However, this puts you at risk of being muted by the Hive for spamming so I don’t really recommend it at all.

That is possible yes, but in all honest opinion the best thing to do is to leave it and let it run its course. That’s what I had to do. Even with spamming.

Me and my friend were both muted (we still are) and I don’t recall spamming, or saying any swears. I think it may be because we crash constantly. Someone told us the reason people have been crashing is because of the anti-cheat, so I am pretty sure the game thinks I am cheating, and muted me. I am probably far over my head on this one though.

Yep, same, we would be playing survival games and the game would crash for no reason

Happened to me

Not the place. Make a report in server bug reports.