Changes to Tools

Right now, swords have stone, iron, and diamond variants. Tools should have a diamond variant as well. Tools should also be cheaper than swords. Instead of being 5 of a currency, they could be 3. This would put axes in the meta for pvp in the start of the game, as people would use them to rush faster. It would also be much easier to have tools in general. Tell me what you think!

Hello there!

Having diamond pickaxe will be overpowered as currently the hardest block to break is the endstone which can be easily broken with an iron pickaxe. I only see them useful if they added obsidian.

Making tools any cheaper wont affect the PvP meta as to get just 2 extra gold it hardly takes 1/2 seconds , maybe they can make the iron tools a bit cheaper this way the diamonds might have more purpose.

Having diamond diamond axe would be a great addition for PvP fights if it costs Diamonds rather than emeralds (Say 15 diamonds?)
Anyways overall a good suggestion!


It will change the meta, because with level 1 gens, it takes 3 seconds to generate one gold, so rushing with an axe is saving 6 seconds. I see what you mean about diamond tools though, I just wanted to have them because we have a diamond sword. 15 diamonds for an axe is rip-off for doing the same damage as an iron sword for 5.

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this actually isnt a bad idea, buying an axe would be cheaper and do less damage, and would be meta in rushing, take my vote

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I do agree to this. Having diamond or even gold variants will change the game and how we play it. But if a sword is just a little bit more expensive than an axe. I’d just buy the sword. Nut it would definitely change the meta

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Iron tools can already break blocks faster, we dont need diamond tools, since there’s no obsidian