Changes I would make for the next Treasure Wars Patch

The second patch for the TW update preview has been released, and I gotta day, it’s my favorite one so far. However, I would like for some things to be changed… and I will give my reasons why they should be changed!

Block-breaking Boomboxes
The problem is not with the item itself, but rather the price. 5 Emeralds for an item that breaks a layer or two of blocks isn’t worth it IMO. The main problem with breaking defenses manually is that you will have to deal with people constantly punching you to death. In Solos, it isn’t as much of a problem since you are only dealing with 1 person who is trying to stop you from destroying their treasure. However, it’s more of a hassle in Duos, Trios, and Squads, especially the ladder two since you are dealing with a group of players, which makes breaking into their defenses a chore, especially when they are experienced with pvp. I get that Treasure Wars isn’t entirely about side-rushing, but Block-breaking Boomboxes are not worth their price. Making them cost 5 Diamonds would make them more accessible, but not to the point where they are extremely overpowered. Not only that, but it would make blast-proof glass more useful. Speaking of blast-proof glass…

Blast-proof glass
Like the Block-breaking Boombox, the problem is not with the item itself, but the pricing. I believe this too should cost 5 Diamonds. Why? It would give players a choice of what strategy they would want to use. They could either play the offensive way (Get Block-breaking Boomboxes) or they could play defensive (Get Blast-proof glass). Making these items both cost 5 Diamonds would add more to the meta and I bet more people would use these items.

In short, I think making Block-breaking Boomboxes and Blast-proof glass cost 5 Diamonds would not only make these items more accessible, but it would make them more worth their price. They would also add a new layer of depth to the meta, making Treasure Wars a more interesting and fun game. This would also add more use to Diamonds and make them an important part to the core of the game.

Other than that, there’s nothing else I would change about this update!


I think block breaking boom boxes should a lower price, but I think they should still cost emeralds. I think there should be more benefits of going to middle for rushers, as I personally go there once to get a gen upgrade and a sword at most


Yes i agree. 5 diamonds would make you decide gaps sword tools or bow. Tnt shouldn’t be emeralds if it doesn’t really do anything and i see it as a problem for when you can’t control mid


The thing is, there are already PLENTY of benefits to controlling mid such as getting Diamond Armor, Diamond Swords, and Ender Pearls. If you ask me, I’d rather get those items than get Block-breaking boomboxes. Why? There really isn’t a point to getting them since it’s overshadowed by better items. This is why they should cost diamonds. It would make them more worth their price and it would also give diamonds more benefits. Emeralds have plenty of benefits already! They don’t need more…