Change your nick color Hive+

Would be great if you have Hive+ to change the color of your name at the server it could be the same colors of the pets gold, purple etc.

Or else you could change the colors of the Hub Titles, it could be both, or only the name i think that would be a great addition to the server. Sorry if this ideia was already done, but i think that will really cool to have this possibility on the game.


It may be confusing to a lot of players though, as each rank has only one set colour (Helper - cyan, Hive team - yellow, etc). Having a single rank possibly have MULTIPLE colours would be a bit odd.

Hub titles have set colours, and a lot of them have multiple colours in them so I don’t see the need in having to change them.


I think this would get super confusing tbh but it might work if the role could just have a ligher/darker hue to it and could be selected.