Change the order of game npcs

So this is a small request, that would probably bother more people than it would help but I’ll mention it anyways
I suggest swapping the skywars and murder mystery npcs so then non pvp games are on the right of the arcade portal and pvp games are on the left. And with this swap the most popular games could be closest to the middle (similar to how it already is) with the pvp game order closest to farthest being sky wars, sky kits, treasure wars, and survival games and the non pvp games closest to farthest being just build, murder mystery, hide and seek, and deathrun
Sorry if this suggestion confuses you just a simple reordering of the npcs


doesn’t seem hard too add

makes sense

quality of life change

why not

good idea


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Honestly yes. I’ve been thinking that all pvp games should be in the regular hub and all party/non pvp games in the arcade.

“We won’t change the order of the npcs so we don’t confuse any player” lol now we wait to see they say something like this

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I dont want to see just build in the middle of the NPCs every time I go past spawn tho… I hate being reminded that just build is currently hives most popular gamemode. Otherwise, though, it seems smart, though I wonder if it justifies the change.

This is a good idea but oh boy would it trigger my muscle memory


hmmmm… *coff *… clears throat… uhhhhh… yes… wait uhh YES YESSSSS
all jokes aside… hehe We need this and I love the idea! Keep it up and you got my vote!


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