Change the magenta rank colours

Idea: Change the TikTok, streamer and VIP ranks so they arent all the same colour

I think it would be realky useful if hive changed these 3 ranks so they werent all the same colour. Obviously, on friends lists or in replays, it wouldnt show up the name making it hard to tell them apart.

More information:

I think it would make sense for tiktok rank to stay the same as it works well, the streamer rank should be actual purple instead of magenta to match the twitch colours, and a gold for vip rank.

Edit: Here is an example of what i mean…

Thanks for reading! Sorry if dupe

YES. Make VIP a darker purple, streamer can stay the same, and tiktok could be red and blue.

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Here is an example of what i mean…

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I guess that works too. :smile:

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