Change the game review window to a pop-up message!1!

Change the game review window to a pop-up message!

Have you ever been bothered by the game review window? It appears at the most inconvenient moment, and you have to press the button to close it.

Therefore, I propose a decent alternative to the game review window: a pop-up message that will contain all the statistics about the round played.

As you can see, I decided to abandon the buttons because they are useless. (You can still go back to the hub using a potion from your inventory, but you won’t have to close the message: it will disappear by itself after a few seconds).

In addition, the pop-up message is not only more convenient, but also more modern in terms of design.

This change seems insignificant, but in fact, waiting for the start of the next game will become a little more comfortable.

Well, I hope I managed to explain my idea properly. (A translator helped me in writing the text).

Be sure to share your opinion, and if you liked it, don’t forget to leave your vote!

First! This is a godly idea. Also, welcome back to the Hive Forums!


I loved this idea, voted

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Welcome back bro!
I love the UI so huge credit to you, it would be so much better so I see this as an obvious must add. It kind of reminds me of the texture pack jzenpvps made a few days ago or so. It was called hive addons and it made the hive UI sort of like this.