Change /loginstreak to /ls

As the title says I am proposing an idea to change /loginstreak to /ls.
If you’re asking why then let me tell you. I am making this idea because I think it might be a quality of life improvement for console players because just writing /loginstreak can take a while to type. And also I just think it might be more convenient.
Ps, I searched before making this


or just /ls as a new command without removing /loginstreak

Yeah, just keep /loginstreak and add /ls so it’s easier for console players

I just wanted to change the name

I’m not against it lol
I have voted

But some members would not grasp that /ls is equivalent to /loginstreak.

The string can write a thing like ‘see your current and highest loginstreak’ or ‘information about loginstreak’
if you don’t get what I mean here’s an example

when you do several commands before entering it shows info about that command:

/q - queue for a game

/costume - open the costume menu


/ls - information about loginstreak

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