Change Every NPC to the New Models!

a small suggestion, change all the NPC’s to the new ones cuz it’ll look better and not affected by the pink/steve glitch every time mojang update versions | eg: 1.18+ etc. i have seen the region selector/global locker/mailbox/game selector NPC’s have been changed (also they have animations so why not change it (plz)

  • ppl using hitbox viewers (me) will not get annoyed by this (Skywars border etc.)
  • less lag
  • more stuff that i don’t know cuz im a noob :smiley:

how are you using a hitbox viewer???

im not exactly sure what u mean in the suggestion

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it’s an allowed hitbox viewer, i asked a Hive Helper

  • you can’t see other players through blocks

oh ok :+1: just to clarify

more info : The Hive - Modifications

yepp i know dw

i’ve played on the hive for quite a while myself

technical stuff… :rofl:

also you wont be able to change it to the new ones as hive still supports 1.16, and the new npc’s haven’t arrived there yet

so the 1.16 players can’t see the new NPC’s?

ofc not cuz 1.16 doesnt have the new code implemented…will it?

i thought you already knew this :confused:

:flushed: oh no (leaves)

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Its likely that they will add the new npc ananyway