Change discord server account--

So, I just changed my discord account and wanted to get back in the Hive Discord Server… the code was entered to the hive bot and all but an error occurred saying that my account is already signed in. Is there a way to remove that account even though I deleted it? You can ask for a verification on Xbox or something? My Minecraft IGN is CHAOSES INFINIT and the account I signed in from before and am facing problems with now is ImHyperion#7272 (<—Discord). Please help me, Thank You…

Hey, welcome! :wave: Unfortunately, there’s no way to unlink a Discord account that’s already been deleted. I have the same issue. I solved it by linking an alternate account :ok_hand:



I don’t know. I haven’t had this problem before. I think you should try… idk sorry!

what’s the point of replying to a topic just to say you don’t know? besides postfarming ofc.


If you tell the hivebot “unlink” Then it will unlink the account (also don’t put the quotation marks)


If it’s less than 14 days since you deleted your old account you an contact discord support to recover your account and then unlink, if it’s more than 14 days then unfortunately we cannot do anything about it.
Discord support;-

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thank you will try doing this