CHALLANGE: Work at one of Hive Office's laptops until the game ends

Challange Rules:

  • Before the game starts, you will have to immediatlly go to one of the laptops and when the game starts, keep tapping on the keyboard to make you look like you are using the laptop, but you need to keep doing this until the game ends. So:
    • Do not try to pick up any coins.
    • If you die to a murderer, innocent or sheriff you lose.
    • You cannot type in chat.
    • You only win if time’s up or the murderer is stopped (game ends).
      • (If you are a murderer and you get killed, you basiclly lose.)

Good luck!

  • It was easy.
  • It was kinda easy.
  • It was a little hard.
  • It was hard.
  • It was a nightmare.
  • Meh. Not that good.
  • I did not even try!

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This SO reminds me of this post:


I did it months ago in the main room in office
And I was the last innocent