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For the forumers who weren’t here or missed it the first time, here’s the second form if you want to be in the story! → https://forms.gle/Agfjy69RdCWrB5AG9

Thank you. :)


@Desiderata_I is working on amazing side stories currently. Check out the site!


Idea by SnaggedWheel. Or Just JK now…

Suggestions board for the story
Suggest things you want to see in it here! You can also leave questions and criticism there!

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Table of Contents

Teams - Post 83
Chapter 1 - Post 118, finished Tuesday 8, September 2020 - poll closed
Chapter 2 - Post 165, finished Thursday 10, September 2020 - poll closed
Chapter 3 - Post 350, finished Thursday 17, September 2020 - poll closed
Chapter 4 - Post 683, finished Thursday 1, October 2020 - poll closed
Chapter 5 - Post 742, finished Monday 5, October 2020 - poll closed
Chapter 6 - Post 826, finished Tuesday 20, October 2020 - poll closed
Fallen - Post 857, finished Saturday 24, October 2020
Aritist - Post 868, finished Friday 30, October 2020
Aphelion announcement - Post 897, on Sunday 8, November 2020
Chapter 7 - Post 903, finished Sunday 15, November 2020 - poll open
Chapter 8 - Post 1006, finished Friday 27, November 2020 - poll open
Chapter 9 - Post 1055, finished Tuesday 1, December 2020 - poll open
Chapter 10 - Post 1138, finished Tuesday 5, January 2021 - poll open
Chapter 11 - Post 1244, finished Tuesday 6, July 2021
Appalachian Morning - Post 1291, finished Saturday 23, October 2021
Chapter 12 - Post 1356, published Sunday 24, April 2022

Creamy Voice ASMR Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - Post 777 - published Wednesday 7, October 2020
Chapter 2 - Post 829 - published Tuesday 20, October 2020
Chapter 3 - Post 859 - published Sunday 25, October 2020
Chapter 4 - Post 1084 - published Thursday 26, November 2020
Chapter 5 - Post 1190 - published Saturday 30, January 2021
Chapter 6 - Post 1197 - published Monday 1, February 2021
Chapter 7 - Post 1245 - published Saturday 8, May 2021
Chapter 8 - Post 1245 - published Saturday 8, May 2021
Chapter 9 - Post 1245 - published Saturday 29, May 2021
Chapter 10 - Post 1264 - published Tuesday 6, July 2021
Chapter 11 - Post 1264 - published Friday 30, July 2021
More to come

Original Post

So recently I discovered that whatever I do I’m usually hyped to begin it but always lose patience and motivation to finish it. After talking to myself in the mirror for half an hour straight I decided that the most important reason is because there’s no one expecting me to finish doing it.

So what if I had a bunch of people pressure me? After reading SnaggedWheel’s original thread, I decided the best way to finally force myself to finish doing something I didn’t have to do is to write a story. (I wouldn’t call it fanfiction like SnaggedWheel did because most of it is not going to be about the Hive, just Minecraft) Because from the bottom of my heart, I know I like writing things. I just need to have someone to expect me to finish them.

After running around like crazy for a whole afternoon (which is how I come up with ideas), I have a pretty good story idea.

Click Me to Read Story Idea

The Minecraft universe is split into 100 districts, with the Hive Island and its seven surrounding islands being the Hive District. Every year each district selects two of their best fighters and strategists and puts them on a team. They are then matched up against the 99 Selected Teams of the other districts in a giant match of Hunger Games, where being killed means never coming back. (We probably won’t get that far.)

Every district chooses its Selected Team differently. Leader Splodger of the Hive District has always chosen his Selected Team by an event exactly simulating the Hunger Games, with the only exception being that death is not permanent. One could sign up simply by finding a teammate and filling out a simple form, however, knowing that the winning team must compete in the global Hunger Games, only the bravest did sign up.

This year many were eager to compete, and an ultimate battle will unfold between them.

So, if you would like to see yourself in this story, please fill out this form right here.

Thank you for reading this, and I hope you decide to help out by filling out the form and expecting me to write something good.

If you did, I will put you in the story somehow, somewhere, that is certain! I hope I can complete this project.

Oh yeah, also, if you do decide to sign up, comment on this topic. c:


If you are not interested, no need to comment c;


You are not required to give an answer, because this is a topic on the forums c;

Good luck with your story!


Thanks for not yeeting my response into the trash can

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ill join but oh boy

i just read the hunger games trilogy a few months ago and feel pretty spooked about all this.

hope this turns out A-Ok and good luck!


Do I have to choose someone or can I put random?

Random is fine, but choosing someone helps! C:

Edit because I don’t want to double post:

Data looking good so far :D

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i submitted my form! if u have any questions dm me :)


awesome idea, I believe in you you’ll amaze us


I have decided to join and then most likely die halfway through the story


I have 14 responses so far! Thank you guys so much for helping out!

(If you submit two responses, your first one will be deleted!)

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Does we have to be legit in this? (If I did this, I Wouldn’t make myself god, just crazy old because my skin is Mrs claus) (cuz I think it’s funny)

Be legit? Yes, I would think so :thinking:


I forgot to tell you I have a wide grin as mouth

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Thanks for doing this! I’ll probably do something dumb like run face first into a tree and die, but I don’t really care! :smiley:


Thanks for doing this!
For the smart section I answered based on MC gamesense and irl common sense, not so much school smarts cause i don’t have that.


Literally everyone wants to team with BlueSlime xD


Not me tho

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Well he is god at survival mc
So we will just beat everyone