Category for forum player reports

I have noticed that the forum has been receiving player reports lately. Since some people are not allowed to use Discord, there should be a forum reporting category.


Simply, people do not know that a report about a player can be submitted in a discord, where it is much easier. I myself was like this until I found out that it was much easier to leave a player report in a discord


I’m saying, some people are not allowed to use Discord(doesn’t include me)


but it does include me


Yeah but instead of making multiple threads, they could all be on one thread

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There’s no need for it to be in one thread, it’d be easier just to set up a category or a tag.


Bumping this, as this would be very useful right now. I’m not sure how close the release for in-game reporting is, but it doesn’t seem to be very soon right now. As previously mentioned, a large number of people aren’t allowed to use platforms such as Discord. Honestly, this would still be useful if in-game reporting releases, as you’d still be able to provide evidence of rule-breaking. I’ve heard that players will still be directed to Discord if evidence is needed, even after in-game reporting is released. I feel like the forums are a large enough platform, and we should be able to use it to report players. A lot of players already try to report users here, and there’s not really an official way to do it. I believe you have to have the member trust level to PM, so a lot of new users aren’t able to privately contact staff. This would allow more players to report, and would just be great overall :+1:


i have discord but due to some account problems, i cant join the hive discord. i actually want this to come as people usually create new topics or message helpers/ staff/ mod.
initially, i came to the forums to fix the problem on discord but was unable to do so.

Can a staff change this to #suggestions? So people can vote :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Also yeah I agree with what Pixel said.


I totally agree, I also think this would also make reporting players easier.


This is a good suggestion for people who don’t have Discord and it can decrease public reports.

I would like to mention few things before I close this thread, this post was made at the time when in-game reporting was not planned, currently we have in-game reporting under development and will be seeing it really soon so having a separate category for reports will no-longer be needed. Until then if anyone has reports of rule breakers then please message us Moderators or Helpers Via DMs and we will surely investigate further :slight_smile: