Catch The Herobrine


One Person is herobrine and has super speed and alot of damage & Health the others try to kill Herobrine without dieing

More information:

I made an addon that makes a speedy herobrine mob that attacks players and mobs and I was like The hive can make this a gamemode its fun to run from Herobrine so I made an idea
the Idea is there 15 players
1 player is Herobrine and has and has boss bar(like ender dragon and wither),100-500 hearts,Full Netherrite Armor,Alot of Speed and a Buffed Sword while the rest tries to gather materials and kill Heorbrine as a team without dieing
if Herobrine wins the others loose else the person who did the most damage to Herobrine wins

This is literally murder mystery


its called PVP(Player vs Player) or this case PVH(Players vs Herobrine)

For multiple reasons it’s not, but I completely agree. Idrt it’s necessary.