Catch That Potion!

You turn red
i drink Pokémon Potion

You turn into the worst statistical and looking Pokémon combined
I drink a purple potion

chaos is colourblind therefore the potion is green.
you turn orange-ish blue.

i drink the diamond potion Fynn left

Bump cus this is fun
You become a diamond which I mine
I drink an amogus potion

u get ejected
i drink a potion of jump boost

You actually drank a blindness potion smh
I drink a Discord potion

You become average Discord moderator
I drink a Knockback nemo potion

You get knocked off the island by a Hive Steve

I drink a glowing moss potion

You become a phoenix and fly away
I drink an Akrus Capus potion

I don’t know what an “Akrus Capus” potion is but. . .
You turn into a Miniture Chibby Toon Version of Akricap.

I drank a Queen Bee Potion.

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