Castle War In Hive

I would like a castle siege game in The Hive. It would be a game where you try to take over another team’s castle. Here’s my idea for the set-ups, but it does not have to be the same. So each team is 20 people each, and they with spawn full iron, an iron sword and a pickaxe, a stack of stone, a bow, 64 arrows, and a shield. The castles are made of stone, and each team has to get through the defense and break the core, which can be whatever you want. Or you can even choose jobs in the beginning of the game, like fighter, archer, and a cannoneer.

I like this idea man, but I’m sure most people will agree its just a combination of skywars items and treasure wars mega. Its still a clever idea so maybe try to interpret it into something more suitable :slight_smile: oh and yeah my bad #suggestions


umm… for people to vote on it, #suggestions