Capes and Costumes

Is there a way to have a cape on while wearing a costume? If there isn’t can Hive consider it?

You have to go into DR and apply the DR cape while wearing the costume, thats the only way i know, sorry

Honestly I think it’s best custom capes do not apply to anything such as custom cosmetics, because those are designed for no capes and also capes might glitch out the block bench renders. I’m not super good with block bench but it is fairly sensitive when it comes to getting the costumes into the game :slight_smile: Another thing to point out is that capes that are custom are technically glitched so yeah :slight_smile:


bumping this good idea

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Correct me if I’m wrong but your not supposed to be able to get custom capes on PC idk about mobile it’s against some Microsoft thing with being able to access some file of some sort

Surprisingly, they haven’t done much with custom capes on Java, or on bedrock most of the time.

And I’m pretty sure that what with Custom 4D Skins

Bunp because linked