Can't Sign into Microsoft account on Minecraft

So I was playing about half an hour ago and logged off for dinner. When I come back and open minecraft I am not automatically signed into my account and can’t sign in at all.

I get the message “Can’t sign in Error: Drowned”

I have two questions,

Does anyone know how to get around this/ has it happened to anyone else?

Will my loginstreak be safe if I can’t log in tomorrow (I would really hate to lose 301 days)


Yes, it happened to me about two months ago…
enter Settings in the list > Click on Profile

> Clear account sign in data and then Try to sign in again


There is currently A outage for Microsoft/Xbox accounts its been going on for about an hour.
Here’s the website showing progress on it being fixed Xbox Support

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Thank you both for the help! Good to know I’m not the only one.


gl embers

gimmi ur details I can do it for you :gun:

its working for me

Everything is back up now, once again thanks for the help everyone! I’ll be bookmarking that xbox page for probable future problems.


I had the same issue but when i pressed the sign in button like 20 times then it lagged and signed me in and marketplace was down and skins reset but then i restarted minecraft twice and it was back to normal. it was weird lol