Can't post on Discord

I’m new to this kind of chat app, and the admins urge me to report hackers there. But I can’t, it says “you do not have permission to send messages on this channel”. I see hackers once in every 5 games, and I really want them to get attention from the administrators.

In-game, type /discord and you will receive an invite link and code. Text “The Hive” the code and verify your account. Then you should be able to talk freely in the Bedrock chats. :slight_smile:

There is a more detailed outline here if you’re still stuck:

The Hive Discord

Be sure to report in #bedrock-ingame-reporting and not #java-ingame-reporting


Thank you!! went right to business right away. I just finished filming a guy who flies everywhere and glitches through walls. In the end it was a tie, but filming was hilarious!!! Now I have a video of him that’s at least 20 minutes long!!!

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Might want to get a shorter video, watching 20 minutes of someone playing can sometimes get boring