Cant pit my own skin

I bought a new phone and downloaded minecraft put my account and i downloaded my skin
And it CANNOT APPEAR IN THE HIVE even though the skin is normal not like a giant skin or small skin please help me but in my old device i can put the same skin and appear in the hive

Does skin appear in other worlds and other servers ? If the answer is yes send your skin And if the answer no… I guess you didn’t choose skin

Could you send your skin file because you may have only done one layer

Some skins with custom geometry or a small amount of pixels are filtered out and replaced with a Hive Steve. You can always read more about it here: The Hive - Custom Skin Support

Since you said it was normal, is there any chance you put the pixels on the second layer, such as the jacket/hat layer instead of the base layer? This is a common mistake, so it’s no worries, it just means that the base layer of your skin is read as blank and therefore missing too many pixels. Hope this helps =) :white_heart:

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yes it does appear in other servers and world

i did say its an avrege size skin

i ended up using my old device cuz my frames suck there