Cant hit for some reason

sometimes this glitch happens tome, while i was sumoing my friend in tw i had to swich hotbar slots i cant hit in thr 8th hotbar slot

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Hey there :wave:t2:

Thanks for submitting a bug report.

Could you let me know if you set the team summoners to not spawn any gold?

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This has happened to me in a CS where I couldn’t hit with me second hotbar slot

it also makes it so you cant put items in that slot.

Yes, I always have this issue as well.

Yeah this happens a lot to me in tw cs it also bugs the chat. I have it in the Noto sans font but in the cs it’s shows people who are alive talking in mojangles and the dead talking in noto sans.

But yeah the holtbar slot glitch sucks I try to stop it but making my whole holtbar full which I’m not the biggest fan of since I like to have an empty slot

This has happened to me like everytime I play on a CS, but my workaround in the hitting glitch is I use snowballs to hit someone and the glitch is fixed! Or I just plummet to the void if I have no snowballs

yes i did in cs

Thank you. This issue has already been reported and logged :slight_smile:

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