Can't get into the Hive on xbox

I can’t get into the Hive anymore. I used to be able to get in, I can still get into all the other servers. Can someone help?

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(Anyone can correct me if this email is incorrect.)

My Xbox friend had encountered this issue before but got it fixed while contacting hive support. You can contact support by using this email [email protected] and they will try to respond in less than 24 hours. Before you email them, make sure you:

  • Sign out and back into your Microsoft account.
  • Restart your Minecraft

Thanks! I have emailed them twice and they haven’t responded. I will try again.


Nono, just wait for a while.

Make sure that The Hive hasn’t banned or restricted you from joining. It could be something about the ping numbers being too high and not letting you join. Make sure you also have a good internet connection.