Cannot join The Hive using some cellular data connection

Connection issue- Joining the server in phone using some cellular connection doesn’t allow to join on The Hive even in good speeds

Hello, I’m currently outside and away from my Wi-Fi connection so the only resource to join on The Hive to maintain a login streak is by mobile data, but for some reason I cannot join it from it
My cellular connection is also fast enough to join The Hive using issues (it is faster than my Wi-Fi)

Android 13, Minecraft 1.19.71
(with 1.18 panaroma)

Screenshots and/or video:
Screenshots or videos of the bug, if it applies

Hey there,

Thanks for submitting a bug report.

This is most likely due to your mobile data connection using a IPv6 address, which our server does not support at this time.

In order to get around this, you could try disabling IPv6 connections in your phone’s settings (please note that this isn’t possible on all devices).

We apologize for the inconvenience caused by this, we may implement support for IPv6 addresses in the future.

Have a great day!

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