Can you drag click in hive?

Mmmmmmmmmmmmm what do you guys think

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Splodger (the community manager), said the hive has no real way of preventing you from doing it, so you are allowed to do it


I usually drag click to block off passages quick or block a player, but that’s the only place I use it on bedrock. On java, I use it to breezily bridge or do a quick godbridge.

Yes, it’s allowed c:

Any legitimate clicking method such as drag clicking is allowed provided that you are not using any unfair modifications to achieve it. :slight_smile:


allowed but you won’t be liked that well in the pvp community drag clicking kinda sucks because it’s so easy to learn and get op with when bf, jitter, normal all took a long time to get good at it. I’d learn one of those instead bc if you ever get into comp like inertia tourneys, scrims, cvc’s dc prevent will be required and drag clicking will give you like 1 cps with that

abusing my mouse to beat low cps players


Hello, you can do any clicking method on the hive, but if it involves any third party system then its not allowed!