Can’t hit “Hidden” blocks

So this bug has been going on for a while and I’m not sure what to do. When I play Hide And Seek I can’t hit “Hidden” blocks. I don’t have a problem hitting them when they are “visible”. I play on the IOS version and I’m not sure if that has anything to do with it? Everything else works just fine the only issue is when I’m a seeker.

I tried to post my screen record but it says that it’s not an authorized format???

Basically I went up to someone hidden as a crafting table and when I hit them multiple times it didn’t do anything. I tried doing that for about 20 or so seconds until someone else came up and hit them and it made them visible. Only then was I able to actually hit them.

This issue happens every time I am a seeker for any block on any map.

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Could you possibly provide a video of this? If you’re having issues posting it directly, if you could upload it to YouTube and paste the link here that’d be great :slightly_smiling_face:

you need to act like you’re breaking the block first :) if you simply tap it it wont work.

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If you are on mobile, like GyrrabirdGamer had stated, you need to act like breaking the block before you can hit it. If you are on Pc, you just need to tap the block in order to hit it too. Hope this makes sense and is more clear now. :slight_smile:

The link to the video

yeah you need to hold the screen as if you’re breaking the block :)

I tried that and it worked! Thank you sm :sob::purple_heart:

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