Can staff show as offline?

Yesterday, in the hub, I saw @ItzAvocadoYT806 standing afk. This was only unusual because when I checked my friends list, I didn’t see him on my online friends category. I scrolled for a few seconds, and saw:

ItzAvocadoYT806 [Offline]

Can staff members do this now, and we haven’t been told? Or is this just a glitch?

maybe? although there’s been a glitch for a while now that friends sometimes show offline


Yeah, my friend currybunch123 sometimes shows up as offline, but he’s not. I think it’s just a glitch. This is kinda just speculation, but I think it might have something to do with swapping regions, as curry plays with friends on EU a lot. No proof though.

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They likely won’t say if they can cause they can’t discuss their permissions.

I mean based on the fact that this thread isn’t closed it’s probably not a thing, when I posted about the update to /nick staff deleted the post within minutes

They likely haven’t been on for a bit cause all the duplicate posts haven’t been closed either.

Staff cannot show themselves as offline. Like what was mentioned already, there is a glitch that occurs that shows you as offline, usually if you have been online for an extended period of time.