Can my pc run the hive

Hi so i have a dell latitude E7470 and I was using it as A pc for school (i play on console with keyboard and mouse) but recently realised that it can also run mc. I was wondering if it would be a good pc to play hive with it or should I rather just wait for when i get a new pc

It is not the best Notebook for minecraft but with lower reder settings you shoud be fine

I’d lower the settings a bit, but I think you’d be fine running minecraft on that laptop

I think at least an i3 can run the hive. Idk what graphics card meets the minimum standards. Also make sure ur using the latest version of minecraft and also windows

an intel core 13, 7th gen , 4GB ram can run the hive, even with shaders

You don’t need to worry even a little, your laptop would run Minecraft perfectly,
because when I searched for its specs, they were
Intel i3 or i5 or i7 with Intel HD Graphics 5500 which is better than what I use Intel Pentium and Intel HD Graphics 405 on which I run minecraft perfectly.