Can i use optifine in the hive bedrock?

can i use optifine in the hive bedrock?i found that there is an optifine for mcpe,also,in the hive mc java edition,optifine is available,so i think optifine can be use in the hive mc pe

why not?

all it does it remove a ton of stuff(and most of the time it doesnt even do much). It doesn’t even have zoom.


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I just wanted to point out that an official Optifine doesn’t actually exist for Bedrock Minecraft. The clones that claim to increase your FPS don’t actually do so and are merely resource packs. You use these unofficial clones at your own risk.

As they don’t give you an advantage over the vanilla client, you are allowed to use them. However, I would personally advise against doing so, as we cannot verify the safety of such things.