Can i use free cam to make some youtube shots of the server

Hi, ive been using fate client to do things that dont give me advantages but i’d like to know if i can use it to make some youtube stuff

No. It’s bannable even if it’s for YT
If this gets added
a thousand nons will come running saying ‘ Can HivE AlloW HaCKInG I WanNa UsE hAcks FoR a ViDeo’
Also welcome to the forums
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Yes ok. Thankyou for the suppkrt. A very fast response too.

Your welcome XD
Also make sure to read da rules Hive Forum Rules

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Heres a list of allowed and denied modifications

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no you can not you could get banned and no one wants to get banned lol , if you have anymore questions like that take a look at the rules for hive and welcome to the forums have a good day!!

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not really but thanks have a good day :upside_down_face: just welcoming him to the forums :+1:

Hey there :wave:

Freecam is not allowed on our server as it provides an unfair advantage. Even for content creation, there are no exceptions to this rule.

You can find a list of everything we allow on the server here: The Hive - Modifications
As well as the rules here: The Hive - Rules

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Ok thankyou for the help. Ill also tell my friend not to use freecam again

Question Answered