Can i use a mod that lets me watch replays like replay mod

Please can i have help. Recently my minecoins i was going to use to but replay pass were deleted for idk why. But can i use this mod to record a game on the server

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Idk maybe
But my reply may be wrong
Better to hear from a staff

Minecoins don’t usually get deleted, better email Microsoft support for that

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I have and they are saying i ‘hacked’ the minecoins in

Can you provide a screenshot or a video of it?

Ill go find it rq

I found out woth an ingame menu saying these minecoins have been deleted for being ingenious. Ive sent a support email and show it when i get

Did you get the minecoins using real money ??

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Or Microsoft rewards
Depending on ur country

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Some real money and some rewards

Are you absolutely sure?

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It deleted the 330 from rewards.

Ive got to go so ill come back with screenshots later

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I got 660 woth real money and 330 qoth rewards

Idk what much to say but I flagged this and a mod should reply sooner or later

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Ok thankyou

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if your still having issues message Minecraft they get back to you pretty quickly they’ve solved a few of my problems that I’ve had in the past have a good day!

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Hey there :wave:

If you bought replay pass it cannot be deleted. It only goes away after a year before you need to renew it :sweat_smile:

Unfortunately, that is the only way to get replay shots like that as any other way is most likely hacking and providing an unfair advantage.

You can find our list of allowed and denied modifications here: The Hive - Modifications

Have a great day :blobheart:

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This is not available on bedrock but it is on Java

I think mojang has favorites jk

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Question Answered