Can i post replay id here

I dont have discord and i found lvl 75 hacker on tw, i got the replay id.
Im actually shocked because i played with the hacker when he was lvl 73 and he wasnt hacking at the time. (he has speed and can place extremely fast now)

Dm a moderator (the list can be found here) Dm them the Gamertag, the rules they broke and the region. Send the replay id too :))


Wait, there are replays now?

Anyway, uh. If you want to report hackers, be sure to report them in the discord server. However, I doubt that they were hacking and they might’ve been clicking like 13 cps. Not sure if you think that they were actually speeding too fast but again, I doubt that they were speed-hacking.

ok i will :slight_smile: 20characters smh

he was running much faster than me

Were they super fast because normally hackers sprint like twice the speed a normal player can run for. And are you on mobile because I believe PC players can just sprint and hold the space bar.


i play switch so i can run like pc players

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Stop tryna assume. Just let the guy report and then the mods will handle it

They stated they dont have discord


You will probably get punished for putting a replay ID here, but you can PM it to one of the mods here, don’t say @ mods though, its an inconvenient way of getting their attentions


because they will definitely ban you for providing evidence for a report


i understand, and besides, i might get discord soon

Did you run around corners or do parkour while running. Being a level 75, I think he was just skilled. Lots of hackers get banned before getting to a high level. Many people accuse ME of hacking in those moments too, but I really just cut corners by block clutching and I snowball them off their track.

They might have not started hacking until getting level 75. And they should report anyway if they think that the person was hacking. If it was skill, then the person won’t be banned

In case it wasn’t clear, you are certainly free to message one of us privately here on the forums to report a player. You can include the replay ID in your message. It’s generally better to do this than making a public post.

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