Can i play bedrock edition on mac

i recently got a macbook laptop, and i was wondering if i could play bedrock edition on there. thank you for any answers!


any idea on how to get it on mac?

You can not normally get Bedrock on Mac. Bedrock Edition is only available on Windows 10 for pc. Java Edition is available on Mac. To get Bedrock Edition on a Mac you would need to switch operating systems which I would not recommend. I believe you would need to then buy Windows 10 (Which costs around $60-100), and then if you try to use Mac OS it would be hard to switch between them. I would not recommend trying to get Bedrock on a Mac since it requires a different OS. It is possible but not easy. You best bet would to just download Java on it. Java runs fine on it. Hopefully this helps and if anyone wants to add to this please do, or if I forgot something. Congrats on getting the Mac, its a great computer.


why are you spreading misinformation lol? bedrock used to be called “Windows 10 Edition” of course you can’t get it on a mac
@ryan knows how to run bedrock on a mac (by switching to windows as emeraldone said) but you do need to switch operating systems if you want to run bedrock. if you don’t want to switch OS, you can buy java and if you ever need help, you can ask me.


Sorry, imma try to research before sending something


is there anyway i could return the macbook lol

eBay could help.
Or suck up Java.

Java is still great on Mac, you should try it. But if you really want to return you need to bring it back to the store you were given it from.

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yeah i don’t think it’s worth it to return the mac, seeing as it is a good laptop

as @EmeraldOne60, java is great


anyway just bluetooth chris