Can I get unbanned

Hi I logged in so I can find out how to get unbanned from this server. i got banned because I was hacking. I now understand my mistake and will never do it again. But I got banned for 4 weeks and a few days but I’v been waiting for around two months. My username is irongamer259. Plz unban me. This is one of my favorite servers (im dead serious) and And I dont want to never be able to play on it again


If you want to appeal your ban you can email [email protected] c:


Thank you soo much. I just now did. Thank goodness there is someone like you :smiley:


just make sure u never hack again

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Hey, I hacked like u and i didnt know how to unban myself, I knew my mistake and i m now without hacking

Hey there,

This isn’t the place to appeal. Please email [email protected] :smile:

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