Can I ban a small skin

aGmingNerd has a small skin and can I ban it

If the skin is too small, that is, the smallest you can get in mc, (you can check in the game by creating a new character, going to size and making it the shortest) then it is allowed. If it’s shorter than the shortest allowed, you can report them and the moderators should take care of it.

Adding on to what was said above, if a skin is missing too many pixels you can report it. If a skin is a mid-height, character creator size, it would be allowed. For more clarification, you can refer to the examples below.

To report a user with a small skin, you can report them in the #report-players channel in the official Hive discord. :beedance: More info here: The Hive - Discord

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They have the not allowed and they didn’t have a head or arms

Then in that case, feel free to report them :+1: