Can anyone teach me how to jump reset on nintendo switch?

nothing to say here :confused:

the same way you would on any other platform.

whenever you get hit, press your jump button while sprinting forward. try to press it exactly when you get it. it takes some practice but you’ll get in eventually.

the best gamemode to practice it would be sumo.

oh ok wut does jump reset do? :confused:

im rlly dumb…

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it makes it so you take less kb, which helps you win trades and get comboes.

you should watch floyydL’s video on it

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I forgot about jump resetting and I should probably learn how to do that oops

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Yes I play switch, if you go to controls there should be a default option if not hit the jump section on controls then hit b

When I get home I’ll record a video on how to do it for you

ok ill wait for u to go home…

hi i play on switch what u need

Sorry it’s a bit late but here

That’s fine bro aren’t we all :cubee:

cant open vid

Ok I’ll have to re download it later it had a 12 hour strech