Build limit for going downwards in treasure wars mega

I’m going to keep it short and to-the-point Build limit for going downwards in treasure wars mega because I faced way too many people today going under the map and destroying their scaffolding for going down their making it impossible to get rid of them. Making it a unfair match.


Welcome to the forums! this has basically been suggested in an old post here so I’d go and vote for that, I do agree with this btw.

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Omg yes! I’ve been wanting something like this forever too. The only problem is that some fly hackers fly down there and just sit underneath blocks to hide. That would mean average players wouldn’t be able to reach them and lose.

Thanks for reading my essay

First of all welcome to the forums @SurgicalPine165 and @jamigun !
I like the #suggestions :+1:

When you make a suggestion try and categorize it to the correct area so the community can vote on it.

As @thegamingtoyyt said this is a suggestion that’s been made so feel free to check that out!
Maybe give it a vote! :smirk_cat:

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In the future, try to use the search (magnifying glass) to find other posts like yours. If a suggestion is already made about adding obsidian and yours isn’t too different, you can reply to their post. also this could affect ender pearls
oh and i found this cookie in my toaster oven, you can have it :cookie: