Bug(s) in Treasure Wars (MEGA!)

Affected Service (Game name, hub or global): Treasure Wars
Character Movement Glitch

What is the bug?
So this happened to another person before, then it happened to me. I couldn’t move but I could still look around and break blocks, but my hand wasn’t making the punch/mine animation. When I toggled perspective, my character was shaking. When I died, It made the death animation but when I respawned (as spectator cuz our treasures was destroyed and we could no longer respawn) the camera was the one to keep shaking. Also, my health/HP bar had a white outline like I was taking damage/recovering HP. And that was all because I was using my Herobrine skin… :disappointed:

(Coincidences? I don’t think so.)

Screenshots and/or video:
I have 2 videos (not on YouTube), but I can’t put them here because it dosen’t let me upload it here.


Thank you for reporting this issue. I have marked it as duplicate as it has already been reported and subsequently logged.