Bug double quest

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The bug was, I came to the quest master then I clicked on the block party one. Needed to finish 15 rounds without dying. I was in a call with my friend at this moment. My internet being bad, the page to press “accept” for the quest took 2 seconds to finally appear. It accepted it and it was confirmed as my new quest. But then the quest page appeared again maybe because i accidentally clicked multiple times before. So then i press the same quest again. I go do my quest, i finish it, and then after claiming it, another quest is already settled. So i did the quest 2 times
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Hey there :wave:

Thank you for taking the time to report this issue, at the time of this issue occuring your internet must’ve been in a pretty dire state, since we can’t reliably reproduce it, for now we suggest that you enjoy your extra quest points and please re-report this issue if you find a way to reliably reproduce it

Stay safe and well