Bringing back Gravity and Draw It to Hive again


I suggest bringing the minigames Gravity and Draw It back from the Java edition, as it was fun and I think many people would agree with this.

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wow I like Gravity I think this may be the next game
but its map may be too large.
and Draw it…I’ve seen someone say it was difficult for mobile to have tools and draw so it may be a little hard.
Anyway, I also hope they could be added.
(But this may be a dupe because I have seen other people suggesting Gravity

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Also looking at Just Build, maybe draw it could be a pass I don’t think we should give the 11 year olds more ways to make stuff.

Also do you mean duplicate as apposed to bump.

Sorry I didn’t get the meaning of bump clearly in fact, I thought it means duplicate…


I feel like draw it could be a mode within just build in my opinion

I agree I like hives gravity and draw it

I don’t nkow this game a lot but bringing all Hive gamemodes would be cool Hope this getting added with a lot cool stuff

Those are just two minigames that made me love HiveMC, it will be fantastic if they add it, to be honest.

I loved playing gravity on java and draw it but I think it can be a little hard for controller players if draw it comes out

Gravity seems perfect for all platforms, no jumping or parkour, no powerups, just falling and dogding objects. The only issue Gravity might have is with long, detailed maps for mobile players / anyone with a low-end device.

I don’t see how Draw it could be a problem for all platforms at all. Maybe Hive could implement it so that touch players could just swipe their screen to draw? (On Java you had to hold down on a wooden sword to draw, if i recall correctly.) That being said, I WISH I played more of these 2 games, they were great!! Since Draw It is another simple, creative type game it might rack in tons more players to the Hive network. But guessing drawings will have to be done very differently as a lot of players have chat disabled or cannot chat at all.