Bring Back Deleted Topics (just lock them)

This suggestion was deleted, I think twice? One time the suggestion wasn’t made by me – it was made by someone else, the other time I made a slightly changed suggestion? I’m just genuinely curious why the posts were deleted. Instead of just deleting my post, could someone just please explain why?

Title says it all really. If at all possible, bring back the categories (just make sure that we can’t make any more topics in those categories), or heck, just put all of the old topics in an entirely different category. I don’t think they’re gone (I still have 960-something posts, even though less than 100 show up), so why not?

It’s because “people don’t play on the hive who are on the forums”
Then… why remove #games?

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It’s actaully because of…

“Forum moderation also added a huge amount of work for our volunteer moderators. We’d rather that they be able to focus their efforts on The Hive itself, and our Discord server, and ensure that they are as fun, and above all, safe, as they can be.”

But they could still just lock the posts…


why can’t there be a set of mods dedicated to forums and a set of mods dedicated to discord???


To avoid confusion, we will not be bringing old posts back.

If you owned a thread, I am more than happy to individually retrieve these original posts for you - please send me a direct message. Please note that I can only retrieve the original posts (i.e. the first post within a thread).