Bridge frequent "nethering"

Affected Service: Bridge, NA

What is the bug?
Sometime when I leave bridge, /q bridge after a game ended, or when my opponent leaves the game and I get auto requed, I get “nethered” or “infinite loading terrain glitch”
I know this might be due to the large amount of players because this game is fairly new but at the time of writing this there is 1200 players playing the game. Compared to most other main games I play (sky wars and treasure wars, which are around 1700 players currently) I feel this might not be the issue. Now I know getting nethered happens some times, but recently the amount of times this has happened to me on hive, has definitely increased in frequency.

Device(s) & Version
Win10 Version:1.18.31

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Thanks for submitting a bug report.

This is due to an underlying issue, that has been logged, and being looked into.

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We are continuing to look into ways of mitigating these issues, thank you for your patience :slight_smile: